ClickBank is a SCAM – The Truth About ClickBank

Before you have anything to do with ClickBank watch this. You are wasting your time. Almost ALL Affiliate programs are SCAMS. This is the truth about ClickBank.
I have tried a lot of affiliate programs over time. I have setup awesome websites and paid for advertising and got no sales. Why? Because when you want something where do you go? You go to the site you know of (amazon, ebay, newegg, etc) where to get the product. Some use a aggregator search, or google it. People go to sites they know of to buy because they are established and known. If you are not on the first page of any search you can forget any clicks there, adwords, good luck with that one to. So why would someone go to a site on page 2 and up, that they have never heard of and purchase anything? Answer: They wont. Do you? No, you go to a site you know of. Even if you get a click thru and they purchase the product, how do you know clickbank, cj, etc going to even pay you for every sale? Answer: They don’t. It’s a SCAM to get you to setup a site, pay for advertising, give up cuz you didn’t make shit for sales and leave the website. They know you will give up so after some time even if you got a sale, They just keep the money because you didn’t get enough sales. You spend all of your time and money to make them a few sales and you get nothing… Been there, done that. Several over the years. Unless you are some kind of genius whiz to get people to click that link on a site they have never heard of, it’s setup to fail. Clickbank, etc, is laughing there ass off all the way to the bank because you spent & went thru all that just to make them a few sales. All the youtube videos you watch someone making money with affiliate programs are trying to sell you a “get rich quick” coarse, notice that? That’s how they make money, setting you up to fail. Good luck with making any affiliate program work to make any money with. If you can, good for you. There all a SCAM.
I disabled comments due to clickbank scammers trying to flood comments. There idiot scammers.
ClickScam don’t like the truth getting out. It’s hard to sucker people if they know the truth.

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